Our business line is divided into four categories that comprise Power Systems, Automated Systems, ICT Systems, and Security Systems. 

Power Systems

In the line of Power Systems, we provide; 

Electrical Systems consultation, drawings, design, and installation,

1. Power Line construction and Diversion,

2, Single and Three-Phase Installation,

3. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Cold Rooms,

4. Generator Supply and Installation,

5. Power Backup System Supply and Installation,

6. Electric Panel Installations,

7. Lightning and Surge Protection,

8. Domestic Power Installations.

Renewable Energy: We at Troxon Electric are Passionate about securing the future for the next

generation; that is why we do research, design, and installation in renewable energy. Our core

focus in Renewable energy is;

1. Solar System Design, sizing, and installation,

2. Solar Water Heaters,

3. Solar Street Lighting,

4. Wind Turbine Design and Installation, and

5. Hybrid Power Systems.

Automated Systems

In Electrical Engineering, "Electricity is good only when you can control it." We offer

consultation, supply, and installation in the following products and services under Automated

and Control Systems;

1. SCADA Systems Configuration,

2. Time and Attendance Management,

3. Access Control Systems,

4. Lift and Elevator consultation and installation

5. Automated Gate Systems (Sliding gates and Swing gates), and

6. Motor and Power Control Panels.

Security Systems

With the many threats to people and their establishments, Troxon Electric offers systems that help protect your installations and establishments, which include;

i. CCTV Systems 

With the ability to monitor your home or office from anywhere, our CCTV Systems give you the peace of mind you deserve. CCTV cameras act as a deterrence feature to protect your home and business.

ii. Electric Fence

With its unique ability to detect, deter, and delay intrusion, an electric fence system offers the best guarantee to your security. We offer standalone electric fence systems, electric fence & razor wire systems.

iii. Fire Detection and Prevention

Fire is an unforeseen occurrence that can cause immense damage; that is why we offer fire detection, prevention, and suppression systems that keep you always in control.

iv. Alarm Systems

Detecting intrusion using motion sensors help you keep alert all the time as the system allows you to monitor your home or business for any break-in by alerting you with SMS, and action can be taken later. It also has an alert system that deters intruders.

v. Intercom Systems

We provide video intercoms that enable our clients to see who is at their gate and interact with them with ease.

ICT Systems

The world is now described as a global village where interaction and information travel happens seamlessly; with the advancement in technology and research, Troxon Electric provides the following services under our ICT department;

1. Fiber optic cable route planning and cable laying, splicing and configuration,

2. Server room design and configuration,

3. WIFI hotspot design and setup,

4. Telephone Intercom System Design,

5. Computer Networking, LAN setups, WAN setups,

6. Line of Sight Communication Systems.